Why choose JSB?

Proven track record

80% of our work comes from personal recommendation and we are proud of the overwhelmingly positive feedback our consultants receive on a weekly basis. In the 2013-14 silk competition, more than two thirds of our clients were successfully appointed.


Highly skilled consultants

Each member of our team combines legal sector knowledge with extensive management experience. All are experts in the theory and practical application of a competency-based approach to selection, and in the psychology of the interviewing process. Meet our team


Added value

Each of our clients leaves with supporting documentation packed with valuable guidance, tips and insights.



Our coaching sessions are customised to your individual needs.



We maintain confidentiality from the moment of enquiry onwards. You will enjoy a personalised and professional approach from us at all times.


Flexible fee structure

A highly tailored, personal and flexible approach to fee structure ensures optimum use of the session time. Call Jade Wysocki on 020 8371 7030 for details of our competitive fee structure.


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“I am on the list for appointment following the competition. This would not have happened without your expert assistance!”

District Judge


“Just to let you know that I found out on Thursday that I have been successful in the Deputy DJ competition. I'm over the moon and would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all as I have no doubt at all that the coaching from you made a very big difference.”

Deputy District Judge