Preparing for your judicial role play, presentation or situational questioning

A common element of the judicial selection process is an interview combined with a role play exercise, presentation or situational questioning. These particular components often cause anxiety amongst candidates, particularly for those who haven’t previously experienced an interview in this format. The key to delivering a persuasive performance is detailed preparation.


Judicial appointment process role play

During your judicial interview, the selection panel will ask you to respond to a given scenario as if you were the judicial office-holder in a court or tribunal. While it may be a daunting prospect, it gives you a further opportunity to show how you meet the qualities and abilities required of you – and to demonstrate how you would perform were you to be appointed.


The presentation element of the judicial appointment process

If your desired judicial post requires you to have leadership and management capabilities, you may be asked to deliver a presentation. You will be informed about the topic prior to selection day, and may wish to hone your presentation skills beforehand so you can focus on creating the content that will put you in the best light.


Being prepared for situational questioning

You may find that part of your selection day focuses on situational questioning. As its name suggests, this involves a series of questions relating to how you would handle a given hypothetical situation. It is important to think about how to structure your responses in advance of the selection day and to be prepared for what you might be presented with.

How JSB can help

During a coaching session with JSB, we can help you :

  • Develop the right mindset and attitude towards this element of the process
  • Get a feel for the kind of scenarios that you might face
  • Get beneath the surface of what the panel is looking for
  • Practise and rehearse your performance through a mock scenarios
  • Hone your presentation style to be memorable and impactful
  • Structure your presentations so they are logical and persuasive
  • Create presentations that best reflect your capabilities

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