Preparing for QC appointment

With an increasing number of candidates applying for the sought-after position of Queen’s Counsel (Silk) over the last two years, applicants face fierce competition. By investing in a one-to-one session with one of our highly experienced consultants you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of success.

The 2015-16 competition is now well underway and our expert consultants are ready to help you prepare for your interview. We're receiving enquiries for assistance from those who have been recommended by previously successful applicants (a third of which were helped by a JSB consultant) and would be delighted to help you too.

Don't forget that whether you are in the early stages of considering an application, in the midst of completing the in-depth and complex application form, concerned that you are selecting the best referees to support your application, or preparing for a QC appointment interview, we can provide invaluable support.

Why not join the scores of successful silks who took the time to prepare for their QC application with us.

How JSB can help

During typical coaching sessions we:

  • Help you compile evidence at the application form stage that best reflects your experience and skills - and maximises your chances of being invited to interview
  • Review your silk application form in line with the ‘standard of excellence’ required by the competency framework
  • Focus on the all important referee selection – making the right choices to enhance your application
  • Review subsequent drafts of the application form, editing and styling
  • Help you prepare fully for the silk interview – suggesting likely questions based on your submitted application form
  • Conduct live interview practice with expert feedback – ensuring that you are confident you will present yourself in the most positive way at interview
  • Give you the time and space to work through your specific concerns about the interview

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Thank you for getting in touch with us. We just need a few details from you:

“Many thanks for your very helpful work with my Silk application, which succeeded. Your help was invaluable, as well as being delivered at speed, and I am very grateful for it.”



“Thanks very much. Your consultant was really brilliant and helped me put together something which I am very pleased with.”



“I got it! Thank you so much for all your help. I am quite sure the whole thing turned on the interview, and that thanks to you that went well.”


"What I do know for sure is that your training was invaluable - whatever the result. Thanks again."

Silk applicant

"Your input was absolutely critical. I nailed three questions which had me floundering at our practice run."

Silk applicant

I just wish that I had contacted you earlier! I received invaluable insights into the selection and interview process which has been very much appreciated."

Silk applicant