Helping you prepare your judicial application form

Applying for judicial appointment requires a great deal of thought, preparation, time and diligence on your part if full justice is to be done to your application. It should not be taken lightly. This is your opportunity to show, on paper, that you meet the criteria and should be selected for the next stage of the judicial appointment process.


The self-assessment section of the application form invites you to provide evidence that illustrates your experience and demonstrates that you meet the qualities and abilities required for the post. You need to reflect on your practice, your involvement in chambers or your law firm and your personal activities outside your professional life to find examples of where you have demonstrated the competencies required.


In addition you should think carefully about why you want to take up a judicial appointment, why you consider yourself to be suitable for judicial appointment and then consider how you can provide examples to show you meet the competencies specified.


Your past performance will be the best indicator of future behaviour so it’s critical to get your application right first time.

How JSB can help

During a judicial application form session, we can:

  • Discuss the best way to approach the Qualities and Abilities self-assessment section
  • Provide feedback on your draft application form, in light of your unique experiences and expertise
  • Help you make the right choices when it comes to referee selection
  • Advise you on compiling evidence that best reflects your experience and skills
  • Help you structure your responses to place your competencies at centre-stage
  • Review of subsequent drafts of the application form, editing and styling
  • Maximise your chances of being invited to interview

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“No real surprises thanks to your run through. Thank you again for all your help. I shall highly recommend you to anyone else.”

Senior Circuit Judge

“Thank you for all your invaluable help. I'm quite sure that without your input I would have been completely lost, both in terms of writing my personal statement and in facing the unfamiliar rigours of being interviewed. You taught me a massive amount and I am massively grateful.”

Senior Circuit Judge

“In terms of feedback I cannot speak highly enough of the assistance it gave me.  Even though I had put a lot of work into the form, I simply would not have appreciated some of the areas I needed to address if my consultant had not identified them for me.  Whatever the outcome of my application in due course I will know that having the one-to-one session has given me the best possible opportunity.”

Recorder applicant