Helping you prepare for your judicial interview

Once you have secured a judicial interview you will want to start your preparations. An interview coaching session with JSB will give you a good idea of what to expect at the interview. Together we will explore different examples and competencies to talk about that best demonstrate your capabilities. You will leave feeling fully prepared for your interview and confident in how you will conduct yourself.


Interview techniques have changed considerably in the last few years. Traditional interviews tended to work through a candidate's history chronologically. Most current interview technique is based primarily around asking questions which enable the candidate to demonstrate the degree to which she/he fulfils the criteria and competencies required for the appointment. Judicial interviews typically last around 45 minutes.

How JSB can help

During a typical interview coaching session, we will:

  • Explain how competency-based interviews differ from traditional interviews - and help you exploit them
  • Give you advice on what questions to expect at the interview - based on your own submitted application form
  • Help you prepare the structure of your responses and practise delivering those responses
  • Conduct interview practice sessions, giving you invaluable expert feedback on your responses
  • Provide you with practical tips on attending interviews
  • Demonstrate the funnel approach to questioning
  • Offer feedback on body language and non-verbal aspects of your behaviour
  • Help you consider potential weak spots and plan responses that position you more strongly
  • Explore with you the importance of judicial awareness, cultural and language issues
  • Suggest some useful sample questions - covering the full range of competencies such as intellectual capacity, personal qualities and self-awareness
  • Give you tips on avoiding common mistakes
  • Highlight other areas that might be explored, based on your unique circumstances

The format may change from one competition to another, for example, in terms of the timing of the interview and whether or not other assessment techniques are used. The most usual format is a panel interview of 2-4 people who usually consist of a legally qualified person such as a judge together with a lay person or a representative from the JAC.

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“I am so very grateful for all the good advice you gave me during our training session and for putting me through the mill before the real thing. I have no doubt at all that, following the training session, I was much much more fully prepared and gave a stronger account of myself than I could otherwise have hoped to. I will of course recommend you and JSB now and in the future.”



“My appointment as a Part Time Sheriff has now been confirmed by the Scottish Government. I really cannot thank you enough. Your help and guidance through the initial stages of the process was invaluable.”